Prepare for holiday giving to be way easier this year. We’ve updated our gift basket system, so now you can have them delivered to your friends or family within our delivery areas! Even better–delivery is FREE! Yep, we’re basically a surrogate Santa Claus.

It’s simple–just navigate to and select the recipient’s delivery area: Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Calgary, or Edmonton. You’ll then see all the gift basket options available in that city. Click the plus sign to add one to your order, and scroll down and fill in the delivery info for the lucky recipient. You’ll see the free delivery day for your recipient’s area, which is when they will receive their gift.

The recipient doesn’t even have to be home to receive the gift! You can enter delivery instructions on the form (ie – leave it on the back deck) so you can be sure the basket makes it to the right place. You’ll also have space to enter a personalized message to the recipient, so they’ll know who to thank for the lovely gift.

Your payment will be processed via PayPal, so you can use a credit card or your PayPal account, whatever you prefer. Once you complete the order, both you and the recipient will receive an email with your order details, your personalized message to the recipient, and delivery tracking information. Of course, if you want the gift basket’s arrival to be a surprise, just enter your own email address in place of theirs.

If you prefer to deliver the gift basket yourself (and get all the credit yourself, we don’t blame you!) just have it delivered to your address. You can even have them delivered with your regular grocery order if you are a Spud customer. When you are logged into your account, you’ll find them under the “Gifts” section.

And if you can’t find a gift basket that’s just right, don’t forget we also have gift certificates! When you send a gift certificate this holiday season, you also get a bonus Spud credit for yourself, and we’ll buy a hot meal for someone in need.

Whatever your needs, let us help take the stress out of your holidays.










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