Fresh Look, Same Trusted Service

Same Sustainable Values, Brand New Look: 

In 1997 we started as a local CSA delivery service focusing on organic produce in Vancouver. Did you know our logo used to be purple?! We went by the name Small Potatoes Urban Delivery, before switching to Spud (Sustainable Product Urban Delivery), which was actually suggested by a customer! 

Fast forward to today, we have expanded to include over 10,000 groceries and household items, while still holding true to our core values. We are proud to be able to uphold these values not just with local produce but also with grocery, snack, health and beauty products, and household cleaning essentials. 

spud old logospud logo

spud logoWhy Have We Updated Our Look? 

Over our 25 years, we’ve grown from our roots as a local CSA delivery company to a full-service eCommerce grocery store.  We gave ourselves a makeover to reflect this. Think of it like when you get a big promotion, you buy yourself a new outfit to look the part. 

Although we have a new look (a pretty spiffy one if you ask us), what has not changed is our commitment to you (our customers), and providing healthy, local, and sustainable products, delivered to your door. 

Staying True to Our Core Values: 

At Spud, some things will never change, especially when it comes to our commitment to sustainability and making healthy local groceries convenient. We will always:  

Be serious about sustainability 

Our goal will always be to leave a positive impact on the planet! We remain committed to eradicating food waste, continuously reducing our emissions and plastic waste, as well as supporting charities in our local community. 

 Read the labels so you don’t have to! 

We will always stand for healthy ingredients! Our goal is to provide groceries with none of the ‘bad stuff’ you don’t want to feed your family. We stand by the rigorous quality standards we use to guide every product that makes our shelf! 

 Say no to long-distance relationships… 

Especially with our food! We forge relationships with local farmers, fisheries, bakers, and artisans to provide groceries sourced close to home. 

Prioritize convenience 

We take the work out of grocery shopping, which means no wandering the aisles with hungry kids, and no more carrying heaving bags from the store. We will always be committed to 100% satisfaction and if you do have a problem, you will speak to a person (not a robot 😉)! 

spud local sustainable grocery delivery

The History of Spud:

1997 – We were founded as a pioneer in the online grocery retail space, focusing on delivering local & organic produce in Vancouver, B.C

2003 – We expanded our delivery service to Vancouver Island

2005 – Spud expanded to Alberta starting in Calgary

2014 – Spud opened the Edmonton warehouse

2015 – We opened BeFresh and Organic Acres cafe and launched our BeFresh private label

2017 – Blush Lane Organic markets joined the family​

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