Meet the Women of Spud

At Spud we are proud that our workforce is 52% women and people female assigned at birth, with employees from the warehouse to our executive team. We want to celebrate the amazing work of all the women at Spud, read their stories below.

Dixie Tagalog, Senior Outbound Team Member – Vancouver Warehouse

Spud international womens dayFavourite part of your job:

My favorite part about my job is feeling the joy whenever I am packing a customer’s order knowing that I did my best and that I was able to help especially our vulnerable customers who really needed their groceries. 

Advice you would give to your younger self: 

I would advise my younger self to not be afraid to stand up for yourself in certain circumstances when you really need to.

One product at Spud everyone needs to try:

I would suggest especially for my PCOS girlies to try our Inositol and L-carnitine to manage the symptoms.

Monika Russell – CFO

international women's day spud

Your favourite part of your job:

I love solving problems and empowering people to implement solutions so that we succeed as a team.

A piece of advice you would give to your younger self:

Talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend.

One product at Spud everyone needs to try? 

Okazu – makes everything extra delicious!

Ashley Sugar – Retail Market Manager (BeFresh & Organic Acres)

Favourite part of your job?

Those little everyday personal connections & conversations with my team, my small local vendors, and my customers make each day SO enjoyable and fill me with positive energy!!

Advice you would give to your younger self (or young girls)

Embrace Positivity!! Surround yourself with positivity. Choose friends and co worker’s who uplift and support you. A positive mindset can empower you to face challenges with resilience!

One product at Spud everyone needs to try?

Our everyday $2 Americano, it’s the best deal in the city, iced or hot – our customers LOVE IT.

Annie SunJoo Jin – Graphic Designer

Favourite part of your job:

As a graphic designer, I find immense joy in witnessing my imaginative ideas and creative efforts come to life in my projects. My favourite aspect of my job at Spud is the flexibility to work independently, exploring ideas freely, while also collaborating with other creative individuals. This dynamic balance enables me to thrive. I am continually inspired and challenged by the incredibly talented individuals I am surrounded by, both personally and professionally. It’s a privilege to collaborate with such a talented team!

Advice you would give to your younger self

At times, I find myself questioning my work. Are these good enough? Does it meet the standard? Am I keeping pace? However, I’ve come to understand that such introspection is natural and vital for personal growth. It’s normal to feel uncertain; everyone experiences it at some point. However, it’s crucial not to remain stagnant. Instead, we must strive to seek solutions and move forward. Seeking guidance and assistance from others is perfectly acceptable when faced with uncertainty. There’s always a supportive network ready to lend a helping hand when needed. It’s incredible how much you can achieve when you have the encouragement and backing of those who believe in your potential, enabling you to surpass even your own expectations.

One product at Spud everyone needs to try:

One product at Spud that everyone should try is Level Ground Trading’s organic decaf ground coffee! I always keep a cup of it by my side to fuel my creative inspiration!

Taylor Andrew – Associate Product Manager

Favourite part of your job or something you are proud of 

I am constantly learning! Nothing is ever stagnant at Spud, and every day I get the opportunity to participate in meaningful work that provides value to us as a team, our planet, and our community.

Advice you would give to your younger self:

You are more capable than you know. Keep that determination and fire going, it will pay off!

One product at Spud everyone needs to try

Okazu Chili Miso Oil! This is a truly delicious and versatile chili oil. I put it in fried rice dishes, eggs, stir fry, you name it!

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