Big news, Edmonton! you can now get Italian Centre products delivered to your door from!

From Life just got easier for busy families and foodies in Alberta’s Capital City. As part of’s (Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery) commitment to delivering the best local and fresh groceries, has joined the Italian Centre  Shop family to deliver a wide range of products to on-line customers.

“Everyone in Edmonton knows how amazing the meats, cheese and pastas are at the Italian Centre”, explains Corbin Bourree, Spud’s managing director for Alberta, “So, it’s exciting to deliver Italian products directly to customer’s doorsteps. Busy mums and foodies, who know you can’t get these products anywhere else, are going to love this.”
For now, Edmontonians can order more than 150 Italian Centre items, including deli favourites like Parma Prosciutto, and both popular pantry staples and speciality grocery like pasta, olive oils, fig spread, pestos, chocolates and more. Orders go through’s online grocery store, for next day delivery. The range of products is set to expand in future and include Massimo’s heat-&-eat pasta meals and ready-to-roll fresh pizza dough amongst others. 

“Community is what the Italian Centre and Spud are both all about”, smiles Teresa Spinelli, owner of the Italian Centre Shops, “Together this partnership makes us stronger and gives customers who can’t physically make it to our stores a chance to eat good value, traditional Italian food”.


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