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When canning fruits, recipes frequently call for “syrup”. This is easily made by combining sugar (or sweetener) and water in a pot and heating until the sugar is dissolved.  Depending on the fruit you’re canning, you may need a heavier (higher sugar) or lighter (lower sugar) syrup. Light and medium tend to be the most common for canning, but you can use even the lightest syrups for almost any fruit. Heavier syrups don’t work well with everything. This chart shows you how to make them:

Type of SyrupNotesApproximate Sugar %Sugar/SweetenerWaterSyrup Yield
Ultra-lightSimilar to the to the sugar level in most fruits, lowest calorie option


101/2 cup5 cups5 1/4 cups
Extra LightNormally used for very sweet fruit, like figs


201 1/4 cups 5 1/2 cups6 cups
LightNormally used for sweet apples and berries


302 1/4 cups5 1/4 cups 7 cups
MediumNormally used for tart apples, apricots, peaches, pears


403 1/4 cups5 cups7 cups
HeavyNormally used for very sour fruit, like grapefruit


504 1/4 cups4 1/4 cups7 cups
HoneyYou can use honey instead of sugar, add more or less to taste/necessity 


1 cup honey5 cups 6 cups







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