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Hostess Gifts

Hostess Gifts From SPUD

We’re back visiting again! That means, you’ll need hostess gifts! Get everything you need from SPUD to make sure you’re the guest that always gets invited back. Wouldn’t you love to receive any of these stellar items?

Hostess Gifts

Here’s a few items we think would impress your host.

Flowers from Bears Blooms
Okanagan Wine from Okanagan Crush Pad
Gorgeous canned Ocean Wise seafood from Scout Canning
Jams made with local fruit from East Van Jam
Cake in a jar from Bluebird Cakery
Chocolates from Cococnoma and Camino
Salted Truffles from Coconama
Soap from Loop 
Bath salts from Sunhed

We’ve curated a list of Gifts that we’ll update once new items we love come into SPUD.

Cassandra Anderton

Cassandra is a Marketing Strategist at SPUD. When she's not creating content at SPUD, she reads cookbooks by the dozen and volunteers with Les Dames d'Escoffier, an organization funding scholarships for women.

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