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The top sellers at Spud tend to be kitchen staples like veggies, fruits, bread and meat. You healthy people, you! Not everyone knows that we also sell a bunch of other rad products.

But we are constantly pushing the limits of our warehouse to bring you lots of cool new products. (Thanks to our warehouse staff for being superstars!) Here are a few of our favourite items that we added to the roster in the last year:


Ripple Foods

The creamiest alternative milk out there! Need I say more? Yes? Okay, well it’s made with peas, so it’s high in protein and a great alternative for those who are sensitive to nuts or soy. I know calling it pea milk doesn’t make it sounds delicious, but I promise, it is. The chocolate is especially great; rich and chocolatey but not too sweet!  


Laiki Rice Crackers

Up first in the lineup, we have Laiki rice crackers – a Spud office fave. With only 3 ingredients, these unassuming crackers pack surprising flavour. If you’re in favour of salty snacks, these are definitely one to consider. They manage to be light and airy while being satisfyingly crunchy. Delish!   


Be Fresh Ready to Eat Dinner for 4

Are you laz…erm, I mean busy? Yeah, me too. Let’s be real, we don’t always have time (or a desire) to cook a full on meal. Ready to eat meals make eating a wholesome dinner super easy. Just pop the warm tray in the oven, and set up the salad on the side!


Gusta Cheese Bloc

I. Am. OBSESSED. This is one of the best dairy free cheeses I’ve tried. Unlike many others, it gets nice and melty, and it has a great umami taste. If you’re at all interested in plant-based cheeses, this is a must try.


Vegan Rob’s

With creative flavours like Brussel Sprout Puffs, Vegan Rob’s are a must try for the snackin’ fan. I promise, they couldn’t be farther from the slimy, stinky sprouts that you were forced to eat as a child. Think, a healthy cheese puff, infused with brussels sprout goodness. The Dairy Free Cheddar Puffs were a staff favourite in our blind taste test.


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Spud favourite new products

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