Aluminum Free Baking Powder – Should You Switch?

Have you ever gone in for what you had hoped might be the most satisfying scone bite, only to have your dreams shattered by an unshakably unpleasant metallic taste?

This happened because your scone had baking powder with aluminum in it.  

Many baking powders contain aluminum. When we’re baking from memory, or if we’re a little rusty on measurements, too much of this baking powder can result in its metallic taste permeating our pastries.

Why you need aluminum free baking powder

Why is there aluminum in baking powder?

The reason that baking powder contains aluminum, is that the aluminum results in a baking powder that is heat-activated. This means that once you’ve placed your baked good (with aluminum baking powder) into the oven, the powder will become activated upon exposure to the warming temperatures. Although there is not a significant amount of evidence to support the potential danger of ingesting aluminum through baking powder, its metallic aftertaste has been known to linger, spoiling a perfectly delicious batch of baked goods.

How to bake without aluminum

What easy lifestyle change can you make to ensure that you avoid this disappointing circumstance at all costs? Buy aluminum-free baking powder instead!

Choosing a baking powder that doesn’t contain aluminum will eliminate the possibility of any unwanted metallic tastes, and the tiny catch is an easy one. If your baking powder is aluminum-free, it means that the ‘leavening agent’ inside the baking powder will start working once it’s been added to the dough. So when using aluminum-free, you’ve gotta be stealthy. Add it as your last ingredient, and don’t dawdle around finishing the dough and getting it into the oven. If you wait too long, the baking powder will have lost its effect before your dough even starts baking. Get your baking powder into the mixture, and into the oven it goes.

If all this talk about baking and scones has put you in a mood, here is a Spud-approved scone recipe to get it out of your system. These pumpkin spice scones are the perfect pair to your favourite fall hot drink. They’re also (you guessed it) aluminum-free, kid-friendly, and deliciously addictive. Happy baking!

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