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3 Common Toxins Found in Conventional Cleaning Products

At Spud, not only do we care about what you eat, but also the products you use. What you use in your home can be just as important as what you eat!

We’ve done our research, and compiled a list of ingredients commonly found in household cleaning products that have risks for both our health and the environment, for that reason, we do not sell products that contain them at Spud.

Here’s Why we’ve Banned them at Spud
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Found in: Conventional dishwashing detergents and antibacterial hand soaps 

Risks: Can promote drug-resistant bacteria in the body, and linked to endocrine disruption, & toxic to our rivers and streams 

Sodium Tripholyphosphate 

Found in: Bathroom Cleaners, Laundry Detergents, Dishwashing Detergents 

Risks: Disrupt waterways and harmful to aquatic life, can cause respiratory skin and eye irritation 

Sodium lauryl sulfate 

Found in: Dish soap, laundry detergents 

Risks: Toxic to aquatic life 


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