In 2014, 4K Farms was established and named after Kent, Kassie and their two daughters Klair and Karla – the 4K – namesakes of the farm.


The family originally invested in the land to be closer to Kent’s grandfather who at the time was living in Drumheller.  As the family moved from the city to the farm, Kassie wanted to teach the family how to “eat right” so she purchased a pig.  Then one morning as Kassie went out to feed the pig, she stumbled across a surprise – the pig had given birth to 3 little piglets!  So, it was from this unexpected surprise and and a desire to “eat right” that 4K Farms grew into what it is today, where they raise: pigs (boar and sows), steer, chicken and rabbits.


4K Farms is passionate about the standards they set for raising their animals and after realizing the high volume of small producers struggling to market and sell their product, they decided to make a change in the typical competition between small producers and launched a program that local farmers could join. This program ensures that animals are raised under Humane Standards and follow 4K’s 5 Freedoms.


As such they screen and frequently visit participating farms to ensure that animals are: raised humanly and outside in pastures and their natural environments, fed a 100% plant-based diets free of animal bi-products, and raised free of antibiotics, growth hormones, and GMO’s.  Customers can be sure that 4k and 4k approved products are of the highest quality and come from the BEST small producers in Alberta.


4k Farms is located near the small town of Swalwell, Alberta.  Approximately 105 km from Calgary, Alberta. (and/or Approximately 274 km from Edmonton, Alberta.)


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4K Farms

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