10 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

The holidays can be a stressful time to get gifts for everyone on your list. A lot of the time, it can end up purchasing gifts for people they might not need, or use. We’ve come up with 10 unique eco-friendly gift ideas your friends, family (and the planet), will love! Instead of relying on purchasing things your family may not use, these gifts aim to buy less, meaning we waste less, making it a bit easier on the planet (and our wallets).

1. Experiences

Experiences are an amazing way to spend time together, or gift something they will really use! Not to mention it is pretty easy to shop for! 

Ideas to do together: concert tickets, sports games, a winery tour, a spa day, ski passes

Great for gifting to friends or family you can’t be with: A gift card to a local restaurant or cafe in their area, gym passes, movie passes, Spud gift card (everyone needs groceries)!

2. Edible Gifts & Consumables

A gift that can be eaten means there’s no chance of waste! This is something everyone loves and uses! Try Liquor, Homemade Edible Gifts such as granola, spiced nuts, or hot chocolate mix, or a Foodie Gift Basket, filled with high-quality staples they might not purchase otherwise!

eco-friendly gift idea

3. Homemade Gifts

Nothing shows a gift from the heart quite like a homemade gift! These can be easier than you think! Learn how to make these DIY gifts here!

  • sustainable gift DIY

4. Upcycled Gifts

Take something old, and turn it into something new! You can get great finds at the thrift store or turn it into a craft! Try:

DIY Sustainable Gift

5. Grow a Gift

Flowers, house plants or even seeds for gardens to plant in the spring make a great gift that keeps on giving! Try gifting cool plants in an upcycled pot, or creating an indoor herb garden.

eco friendly gift idea

6. Coupons

These gifts can cost next to nothing, but mean the most! Plan an experience together and give a note! Try a hike with a picnic, a dinner for two, or even chores!

7. Eco-Friendly Products

The holidays are a great opportunity to stock up on eco-friendly products you might not purchase otherwise! Grab items like travel mugs, tote bags, insulated lunch boxes, or produce bags in our gift guide!

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8. Something they need!

A sustainable gift doesn’t have to be a crazy homemade or eco-friendly product! Any gift someone will use and will not get wasted is sustainable! Don’t be afraid to ask them what’s on their list!

9. Small Sustainable Businesses & Artists

The holidays are also a great time to support small and sustainable businesses, you may not support otherwise! Check out our gift guide for local artisans on SPUD, check out a local craft fair, or even support a smaller blogger or podcaster by gifting cookbooks or subscriptions! 

eco-friendly gift ideas

10. Donation to Charity

Donate to a charity that is meaningful to both of you! This holiday season we are partnering with community food banks to make sure families in Canada have food on their tables. With increased living costs our communities need support. Your neighbour, a friend, a family member – hunger isn’t an issue solely for strangers. Food insecurity can be found even within our closest circles and be unnoticed.

Click here to donate to our food bank partners: The Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Victoria Rainbow Kitchen, The Calgary Food Bank, Edmonton Food Bank and local food banks in Bow Valley, Airdrie, and Okotoks.

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