Tips to keep your food from spoiling, pt. 2

Part One of this series on how to reduce food waste in your home, and save money, focussed on preserving produce. We have not only uncovered several more ways to keep your fruits and veggies fresher longer, we also have some tips for other grocery items.

1) Both mushrooms and potatoes will sweat if left in plastic bags. Store both spuds and mushrooms in paper or cloth baggies. Store mushrooms in the fridge, and potatoes in a dark, cool place outside the fridge.

2) Similar to carrots and celery, limp lettuce can be revived if placed in ice cold water.

3) Potato, beet, parsnips and carrot skins can be turned into easy to make vegetable crisps. Make sure they’re clean (it’s easiest to scrub the vegetables well before peeling!) then toss with olive oil, season and roast on a baking tray for about 12 minutes at 350 F.

4) Crush overripe berries, and then combine with honey and yogurt. Freeze in popsicle trays to create a healthy popsicle.

5) Freeze any dairy product that’s going out of date (except soft cheese). Butter, cream, milk and hard cheese can all be frozen then defrosted and used as normal when needed.

6) Freeze bread you know you wont use in time. We suggest you pre-slice it before storing it in the freezer.

7) Put any soft, or unwanted fruit or vegetables into a smoothie with yogurt, almond or soy milk, honey, peanut butter, and/ or juice. This is an easy way to add nutrients to your smoothie, and use up overripe produce.

Many of these ideas came from #WasteNot an incredible campaign in the UK to eliminate food waste.

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