Spud teams with Food for Thought to raise funds

The local school nutrition program, Food for Thought, has partnered with the organic food delivery service Spud to help raise funds for school lunches and snacks.

Spud customers have the option to choose Food for Thought, founded in 2002 by Carol and Bernie Kowalchuk, for an ongoing fundraiser. The non-profit runs a breakfast, lunch and/or snack program in roughly 14 schools across the city, serving nutritious foods to more than 500 students daily.

When purchasing through Spud, the customer can choose Food for Thought as their charity of choice at the online checkout. In that case, 25 per cent of the proceeds from the produce boxes and 10 per cent of the value of all gift cards purchased by customers will go to Food for Thought.
Here are the instructions if you’d like to take advantage of this option.

1. If you don’t already have one, set up an account at spud.ca

2. Visit spud.ca/community to shop for produce boxes and gift cards.

3. At checkout, enter the promo code “FUNDRAISING” (all in capital letters) and choose Food for Thought from the drop-down list.

4. You receive your groceries.


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