Spud + Highlands Junior High School

Spud is proud to partner with Highlands Junior High School in Edmonton. Three years ago, Principal Brad Burns had a vision for revitalizing the school and giving all of the students in this inner-city neighbourhood a place they are proud to call their own, and the outcome has been nothing short of inspiring.

One of the initiatives Principal Burns began when he took over the school three years ago was a breakfast and lunch program for students who were living in some form of poverty. He hired a chef with training in holistic nutrition to create nutritious and delicious meals for children who would not otherwise have enough to eat for these two crucial daily meals.

With our #letsnotwaste philosophy, coupled with Spud’s community-minded values, we are delighted to donate fresh produce and grocery items on a weekly basis to support the Highlands breakfast and lunch program. In turn, this supports those in our community to grow and flourish – allowing better access to opportunities and brighter futures.

Spud team members Corbin and Heather were even invited for a school tour and enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by Chef Teresa. We learned about the school’s tower garden, outdoor raised garden beds, and even saw the in-classroom mini micro-greens farm.

Want to get involved? Highlands School is currently running a fundraiser through Spud.CA to raise funds for the nutrition program. If you are interested in supporting Highlands School, check out spud.ca/highlands and get $10 off a box of seasonal organic fruit and vegetables delivered to your home by Spud.ca, and we’ll donate $10 to the Highlands Junior High School.

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