Via Foods

Christiane and her husband Phil, of 27 years, have always tried to select natural, clean foods for themselves and their kids, Laurel and Michael, who are now 23 and 16. About 10 years ago, while trying to create healthier lunches, they started looking for a way they could stick some of their favorite ingredients together, to make a portable, enjoyable, virtuous snack, and they’ve been making bars for my family ever since! A couple of years ago, when Phil was temporarily laid off from his job as an industrial electrician, they decided to start a business. They wanted to do something that really represented themselves and what they personally value, so they did some preliminary research and sales at the Kingsland Farmers Market with their organic bars, which then became wheat free. Calgary seemed to enjoy our product as much as they did, so within a few months, they launched out and are now selling all over Alberta.

This supplier is located 353 km from our Edmonton warehouse.

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