Transcend Coffee

Transcend Coffee

Transcend Coffee is a small independent coffee roaster, operating two cafes, an online store and a farmer’s market stall in Edmonton.

We go to some great lengths to find amazing coffee. We regularly travel to coffee-growing countries, in order to offer you some of the very best coffees in the world. Our business model is built on real relationships with the people who grow, harvest, process, source and ship green coffee. We’ve partnered with some farmers for four years or longer. We consider them friends, not just suppliers.

We roast in small batches in Edmonton and pay attention to every detail to gently coax the complex flavours out of the beans. Then, we cup — professionally evaluate — every single roast to be certain that you’re getting only the highest quality coffee, every time.

Transcend Coffee is roasted 1.3 kilometers from the Spud Edmonton website.

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