Pure indulgent Foods Inc

A pure and simple line of indulgent gourmet cookies made from fresh ingredients and locally farmed organic products. These cookies are proudly made in Calgary, Alberta with a dedication to quality and taste.

PURE Indulgent Foods is a Calgary-based healthy dessert company, started by the owners of Cookie Occasion which has been serving up delicious cookie creations for over fourteen years in the Marda Loop district. Starting with the belief that everyone deserves a good cookie especially people with special dietary needs, PURE has begun distribution of gourmet cookies in Alberta and BC.

Everyone loves a good cookie, but if you have special dietary needs, you rarely, if ever, get to indulge. There are plenty of healthy snacks out there, and while they are good for you, they have a long way to go to matching the flavour and richness of regular cookies. PURE Indulgent Foods fills that gap. All you have to do is bite into one of their wholesome creations to remind yourself how good healthy eating should be.

With names like Sweet Potato Pow (vegan/dairy-free) and Cocoa Overdose, and Trail Fix (hemp-based, wheat- and gluten-free), they are sure to raise some eyebrows and desire. They want people to know right away that their cookies are different, that they are an indulgence, starting with the names and packaging, but that just gets consumers to try them. The taste will have them coming back for more.

Shauna Teare, with her partner Angie Lamont spent two years developing and testing the PURE cookies recipes, which they based on creations handed down to her by her great grandmother and served as the foundation of Cookie Occasion. PURE has also made a commitment to using only the freshest and locally farmed organic ingredients wherever possible.

Calgary,  AB  (14 km from Calgary warehouse)


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