Lakeside Organic Gardens

We started with 55 organic acres in California’s Pajaro Valley and have expanded to over 1000 organic acres in Pajaro, and El Centro. Our growing practices are good for the Earth and the crops we produce are good for the consumer. We hope to see everyone eating more organic vegetables in the future and living longer healthier lives. Our goal is to be the quality leader in the organic produce industry and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

For over 35 years the Peixoto family has been growing produce in the Pajaro area. Dick Peixoto started his farming career in eighth grade by hiring neighborhood kids to pick tomatoes on his family farm so he could market them. From that early start his business has grown tremendously. In 1996 he recognized the advantages of organic produce and began transitioning to organic farming.

Lakeside Organic Gardens is committed to the communities and the state we farm in. While other shippers get produce from Mexico and South America in the winter we feel strongly about providing produce that is grown here in the United States. All our produce is California grown.

This supplier is located 87 miles from our San Francisco warehouse
Watsonville, CA

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