Jacek Chocolate Couture

Jacek Chocolate Couture is a designer of handmade artisan chocolates produced in Sherwood Park.  Owner and founder, Jacqueline Jacek, having received her chocolate education from Ecole Chocolat in Vancouver, began the business in her basement studio five years ago.  Truffle collections launch seasonally like the couture that inspires them, and her designer bars bare the monikers of Jacqueline’s own fashion idols.  Earning a reputation among the local market clientele, word spread and the business grew.  Our present studio in Sherwood Park now employs three chocolatiers producing approximately six-thousand chocolates per week, plus a team of delicate hands to package each individual piece.  In the summer of 2013, JACEK Chocolates was welcomed onto the 104th Street Promenade as the doors opened to our first Edmonton-based boutique.

As irresistible on the eyes as they are on the taste buds, JACEK Chocolate Couture’s Cocoanista designs chocolate collections with options for all chocolate lovers; from exquisite classic flavors to contemporary fusions.  Each piece is hand-crafted using fine French chocolate that is ethically sourced, and fresh ingredients.

A passion for all that is tasty and beautiful is what drove Jacqueline Jacek (née LaBerge) to learn the art of becoming an artisan chocolatier. Since 2003, she has been studying the physiology of chocolate, mastering techniques and developing recipes for her edible creations. The fusion of her love for fashion and food has resulted in a unique boutique style collection that is continuously evolving.

Jacek Chocolate is 12 Kilometers from the Spud Edmonton Warehouse.

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