Inaba Farm

One of the great contributors to Washington State pride is Inaba Produce Farms, a third generation farm located in Wapato, WA. The Inabas have a crop mix that allows them to extend the growing season, which creates, and lengthens steady employment for the workers. At Inaba, they take care of their workers in many ways. One that stands out against the norm is that they provide housing for their workers. Very few farms actually provide respectable housing, if any at all. From the early 1900’s until today, Inaba Farms is a leader in natural produce farming values, and as a socially responsible agricultural business.

The Inaba Produce Farms is in the Yakima Valley of Washington, an area dominated by apple and hops production. The farm is within the borders of the Yakama Indian Reservation; the family owns about a third of the land and leases or rents the rest from tribal members.

This supplier is located 156 miles from our Seattle warehouse

Wapato,  WA

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