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Hoven Farms

Hoven’s Beef is lean, tasty certified organic grass-raised beef.

Our family has been raising cattle for over four generations. Our family had only a few head of cattle on a mixed farm in the early 1900’s. Now we are primarily a cattle ranch with over 230 cows calving each spring. We keep the calves for about 18 – 24 months until they are ready to end up on your plate as tasty Certified Organic Beef.

Raised on Fresh, Green Grass Nature is our greatest resource and we follow nature’s cycles with our cattle. For example, our calves are not born in a barn in the middle of winter; instead they are born on grass in the spring like the deer and moose.

Our cattle stay on pastures year round. In the winter, our animals are fed on fields instead of in crowded corrals. In the spring, summer and fall our cattle are moved onto fresh grass nearly every day. These frequent moves help us by:

• Breaking the parasite cycle by moving cattle off soiled pasture. This allows us to avoid the use of chemical parasite controls.

• Preventing overgrazing and ensuring the health of our land.

• Exercising the cattle and keeping them healthy.

For a better explanation of Holistic Grazing Planning, follow the links on their website.

Free Range Beef Our animals are the most important resource on our farm. We give them low stress living conditions and excellent nutrition that allow the cattle to live and thrive in good health!

Family Owned and Operated Hoven Farms was founded in 1908 when our great-grandfather, Matthias Hoven took out a homestead in the Eckville area west of Red Deer. Tim and Lori Hoven, with their children, are the fourth generation to work on the farm.

Good for the Environment 90 years ago there were no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, chemical hormones or antibiotics. Farming had to be sustainable with the health of the land and soil being of utmost importance.

We believe our future rests in the health of our land. We avoid the use of unnecessary modern technological and chemical inputs and instead manage our land using grazing cattle as our primary tool.

We believe in sustainable agriculture independent of chemical inputs. We want our land to be made up of rich soil, healthy pastures, shelter belts, rippling creeks and flowing springs. This diverse landscape allows wildlife to prosper and helps maintain the delicate balance of nature and biodiversity.

Our beef is certified organic which means that: 1. There are no growth hormones in our Beef. 2. There are no chemical parasite controls in our Beef. 3. There are no antibiotics in our Beef. 4. Our animals receive only Certified Organic feed that has not been sprayed with chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. We do not feed any rendered animal meal to our animals. 5. The animals are not genetically engineered and do not receive feed that has been genetically engineered or modified.

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Eckville,  AB  (175 km from Calgary warehouse)


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