Hotchkiss Herbs and Produce

UPDATE ** The farm is no longer Certified Organic but does continue o follow the guidelines and is GMO, pesticide and herbicide free.

It all started back in 1986 when Paul Hotchkiss, a fan of BLT sandwiches, couldn’t find a decent tomato in Calgary. After a search resulting in finding perfect looking, yet absolutely tasteless tomatoes, Paul set out to grow his own. In a makeshift greenhouse in his backyard he began his journey into the world of produce and eventually, along with his wife Tracy, made his way to a piece of land south east of Calgary.

Over time, with requests being made by his clients, Paul expanded the operation to include other produce and now can offer many items to consumers. With more produce to be grown, additional greenhouse space was needed and Paul’s operation grew from 4,000 square feet to just over one acre.

The business’ main focus is upscale restaurants and niche-type grocery stores. It has grown into a year-round operation, employing as many as 14 full-time people during peak season. The business will continue its focus on providing its clients with excellent quality,naturally grown vegetables to its market of fine restaurants and grocery stores.

Rocky View,  AB  (45 km from Calgary warehouse)

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