Forstbauer Natural Food Farm

At the Forstbauer farm you will find, well, almost everything: from early spring greens to over-wintering crops, as well as their famous carrots, pickling cukes and blueberries. On the farm you would find about thirty five cattle grazing in the wide open fields – including cows, calves and a couple of bulls; chickens and ducks, honey bees, blueberries and vegetables.

Mary and Hans believe healthy soil grows healthy food. For this reason they have opted to practice biodynamic farming, taking organic farming to new levels. The main principle of biodynamic farming is to create a sustainable ecosystem within the farm itself, using special herbal preparations to build healthy soil, cattle manure for composting, and crop rotation. No blood, bone or fish meal is used on their land.

In addition to the food they produce, the health and vitality of Mary, Hans and their 12 children are really a testament to good living!

Chilliwack, BC (102 km from Vancouver warehouse)

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