Eatmore Sprouts

Eatmore Sprouts is one of BC’s best organic success stories. Eatmore brand sprouts are found at most natural food stores and major grocery retailers across Western Canada. Eatmore produces over 10 different sprout mixes from darkrooms and greenhouses in Courtenay on central Vancouver Island. Glenn Wakeling is one of the prinicipals of Eatmore Sprouts, who along with his partners Carmen Wakeling, John Ross and Donna Pettigrew, has been growing a large variety of sprouts since the 1990s.

Eatmore operates on a very highly utilized 3.75 acres of land that also includes a spinach and salad mix operation. The operation includes a composting system, and waste water lagoons. Finished compost from the sprout operation is used in the garden. Cover cropping is an important part of increasing soil fertility and keeping soil healthy. We rely on our great team to produce quality products for all to enjoy. Happy eating!

Courtenay, BC (204 km from Vancouver warehouse)

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