Dai Manuel

Dai Manuel is a dad, husband, Fitness Town COO, Motivational speaker, blogger, CrossFit athlete and coach.

“Fitness has become a large part of my life. Growing up as an obese teenager, I experienced a ‘defeated’ mind state and I know what it’s like to be ‘Health Concerned.’ It’s not a place I enjoyed being. Experiencing all the stigmas of obesity was traumatic. At age 15 I made the decision to change my lifestyle and I haven’t looked back since. The solution starts with parents modelling a healthy, active lifestyle for children to follow. We all need to be inspired and held accountable to our fitness goals. My commitment is to provide inspiration, education, equipment and training – specifically supporting families – so that childhood obesity is no longer a global epidemic.”

Website: www.daimanuel.com
Instagram: @daimanuel
Twitter: @daimanuel

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