Crystal Geyser

Our geologists discovered remote, protected locations with water of remarkable quality and purity… but that is only the first step. Other companies may truck their water from multiple sources. We, on the other hand, build our bottling plants right at the mountain source because it’s the best way to bottle and protect CRYSTAL GEYSER® ALPINE SPRING WATER’s freshness, purity and taste.

CRYSTAL GEYSER ® ALPINE SPRING WATER means quality control: We carefully select protected water sources. We bottle at the source: water is drawn directly from the spring and bottled. We produce our own proprietary PET bottles on-site to further control the quality of our product. Our bottles also have unique safety caps and seals. The cap’s flange underneath prevents air from entering the bottle or water from leaking out of the bottle. We use a double disinfection system: ozonation and 0.1 micron filtration. Only one is required!

The word “alpine” referred originally to the Alp mountains of Europe. Over the years, it has come to suggest a pristine location, purity, and very good taste. That is why we use the trademark ‘Alpine Spring Water™” to brand our pure, source-bottled, good-tasting waters from pristine areas around the United States.

Our newest plant in the west is nestled below the majestic Mount Shasta, the second highest peak in the Cascade Range. Our protected source is located within California’s Shasta Trinity National Forest.

This supplier is located 5 miles from San Francisco warehouse

San Francisco, CA

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