Columbia Gorge Organic

Columbia Gorge Organic Fruit Company is a family-owned business that is 100% organic! We produce fresh-packed fruit, and canned premium fruit for your enjoyment anytime as well as producing 100% organic, super premium juices. Currently our farm, Stewart Farms Inc., is approximately 150 certified organic acres producing apples, pears, cherries, peaches, nectarines, and plums. Our philosophy about sustainable agriculture all starts with how a farmer treats their soils. Soil fertility is our prime goal and we believe that a healthy soil produces food that has the proper balance of vitamins and minerals promoting better health. This is why we have an on-site compost facility that produces the highest quality humus that we apply to our soils annually. Organic farming is not about letting nature farm the planet, but rather, relying upon highly-skilled farmers to bring our worlds’ food supply to a new level.

Additionally, as organic consumers and farmers, Ronny and Jimmy Stewart lamented the lack of organic juice choices. Inspiration hit in the midst of a conversation around the kitchen table and, inspire, they grabbed the blender and started experimenting with the organic fruit that they grew on the farm. They saw a way to introduce more people to the benefits of “organically grown,” not just through fresh fruit, but also through a line of super-premium fruit juices. What started out as a couple of juices sold through friendly merchants in their hometown, has blossomed into a full juice line sold all along the west coast.

“We pride ourselves on creating juices that are healthy for you as well as the environment and just wait till you try them! We’ve got all the tastes covered with our tangy Ciders, refreshing Satisfiers, juicy Citruses, healthy Veggies, rich, creamy Smoothies and enhanced Vitatritions that are certain to help get you through your busy, on-the-go life. Try all our juices knowing that not only are you doing something kind for yourself, but also for our earth. Enjoy!”

This supplier is located 230 miles from our Seattle warehouse.

Hood River, OR


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