Coke Farm Inc.

Coke Farm has been growing organic fruits and vegetables in Northern California for more than two decades. With a strong commitment to sustainability and good agricultural practices, Coke Farm prides itself in the quality produce, customer satisfaction, and the year-round employment that it provides to the local community. The planting and harvesting of dozens of crop varieties, seed crops, and the growing of specialty produce are a few of the examples of Coke Farm’s belief in promoting diversity and preserving heirloom seed.

Coke Farm has been producing organically grown fruits and vegetables for twenty-five years. In 1981 founder Dale Coke was searching for something meaningful that would prove more challenging. Triggered by a doubting conventional farmer, who speculated that strawberries could not be grown organically, Dale planted his first rows of berries in the fall of 1981 on a small plot of land in Aromas, California. When the plants produced successfully and a local natural foods store became the first Coke Farm customer, Dale planted more crops and joined the Santa Cruz chapter of C.C.O.F. (California Certified Organic Farmers).

Within a year Coke Farm was “discovered” by a chef at Chez Panisse who expressed interest in the strawberries, snow peas, and squash that had become the primary crops. Coke Farm expanded its varieties and continued to sell organic produce to local stores, eventually expanding their customer base into the San Francisco Bay Area.

This supplier is located 331 miles from our Los Angeles warehouse

San Juan Bautista, CA

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