Chris and Dylan: The Nomads

The Nomads mountain bike team is comprised of Chris Johnston and Dylan Wolsky. Originally from New Zealand and Australia, they now base themselves out of Vancouver and the Sea to Sky. They were drawn to British Columbia by the amazing and technical terrain and outdoor lifestyle it has to offer. 

“Mountain Biking is a very demanding sport. We burn a lot of calories and rely on the fuel we consume to provide us the energy and nutrition we need to stay healthy, fit and perform at our best. We are proud to be affiliated with Spud, not only for the delicious local groceries, but also to be supporting local business and sustainable living.”

Facebook: The Nomads
Instagram: @thenomadsmtb
Twitter Handle: @nomadsmtb

Favourite recipe: Ceviche Kale Avocado Salad

1 bunch kale
1 avocado
1 lemon

Remove stem from kale leaves, tear into bite sized pieces and place in
a large bowl. Squeeze juice of lemon over leaves. Add avocado and mash
all together.
This is a ceviche style dish where the lemon juice breaks down the
toughness of the kale leaves and makes for a delightful citrusy style
salad. From here add your favourite salad items. We like to add Cherry
tomatoes, diced peppers, chicken or salmon. It is also a great
alternate base for a cobb salad!

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