Carley Mendes

Carley Mendes is a Holistic Nutritionist who specializes in naturally nourishing fertility, pregnancy, mama, and baby.As an advocate for women’s health, she started Oh Baby Nutrition and believes that your personal pathto wellness will be as unique as you are. Having her two children has solidified Carley’s devotion to empowering women with the tools necessary to thrive during their childbearing years with confidence. This work is her life’s passion and she feels extremely fulfilled to be able to support other women on their journey through motherhood.



  1. Describe your lifestyle. (ex. Dietary, family needs, fitness / routine support etc.)


-My family splits our time between a house in Vancouver and a house in the remote wilderness, a few hours north of Whistler, B.C. We love the city, but our house in the mountains feels more like “home” to us. It’s an off-the-grid place run on solar power. We don’t have a television, and it’s out of cell range. Without those distractions we‘re able to really spend quality time together, talk and connect.


  1. What does Spud mean to you- what do you love about Spud?


– To me, Spud means buying groceries from the comfort of my couch. It means organic food delivered right to my door. No buckling little ones in & out of car seats, and no carrying heavy bags while wrangling children.


  1. Top 3 favouritego-to’s @ Spud


– Eden Organic Sauerkraut: Perfectly epitomizes “food as medicine”.

– SeaSnax Seaweed Snack: Packed with trace minerals and my toddler loves them too.

– Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate: Highly recommended for pregnancy! Helps keep joints strong, stretching skin supple and digestion healthy.


  1. This staple is always in my fridge:


– Traditionally fermented food. I’m convinced it cures all.


  1. Define Community. What is your desire for ours?


– “It takes a village” certainly became more apparent after I had children. I quickly realized that everything feels easier and more enjoyable when you reach out and embrace your community.


  1. Who do you support?


– I strive to support women by helping them understand what their body truly needs and showing them how to instill healthy habits that will last a lifetime.


  1. Declare: Your Personal Manifesto


“Eat real food!”


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