Amy’s Kitchen Inc.

Amy’s Kitchen began when two loving parents (Rachel and Andy) realized that there were very few healthy, organic, vegetarian convenience foods offered in the marketplace. After the birth of their daughter Amy in 1987, the company Amy’s Kitchen began. Their mission is to provide delicious, organic, vegetarian prepared meals for people who appreciate good food, but are often too busy to cook. It remains a family business today, producing and selling more than 50,000,000 items a year.

Rachel imagines every customer as a guest in her home. To know her is to realize how much she enjoys serving her guests, be they family and friends, or the many customers who write her each day. She sets a beautiful table and is considerate of the needs of each guest. And while she can’t experience the pleasure of serving Amy’s customers in her home, she brings a little of herself to your home.

This supplier is located 50 miles from San Francisco warehouse
Petaluma, CA

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