Across The Creek Organics


Across the Creek Organics is located in the beautiful Pemberton valley, 100 miles north of Vancouver. Pemberton is a unique growing region as it is completely surrounded by soaring granite peaks, tumbling glaciers and vast icefields. The Pemberton Icecap, some 150,000 acres of ice, rests within view of the valley.


Operating since 1912, Across the Creek Organics is a 500-acre farm situated on the fertile, silt-loam flood plains of the Lillooet river and includes 250 acres of wild wetlands and old growth cedar groves. Bruce and Brenda Miller are not only Certified Organic, but they are also certified as seed potato providers within this highly restricted potato seed quarantine area. Pemberton potatoes are disease free and are shipped to farmers across the country.


Across the Creek is one of just a few large scale organic potato providers in BC, and they feature varieties like the Red Chieftain, White Cascade and White Rose. Marketing at both the wholesale and retail levels, Pemberton and Whistler consumers are familiar with Across the Creek salad mix, a wide range of organic vegetables, and excellent potatoes which can be found at supportive local stores, famous Whistler restaurants, and the Saturday Whistler Farmers Market.


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