Briner Farm

Briner Farm

Surrey, B.C.

Peter and his brother John were born and raised on their farm in Cloverdale in the Fraser Valley. They have used intensive soil-building techniques to make up for the fact that their farm is at sea level. Surrounding fields are under water for many months.

Briner Farm is also a very windy spot, being just a few kilometers from Boundary Bay on the Georgia Strait. They seed wide windrows of sunflowers a quarter of a kilometer long across their farm to provide wind protection for crops like beans and cucumbers and to attract bees and other beneficial insects. Improved soil tilth provided by the sunflowers is the extra bonus!

Peter produces many acres of summer and winter squash, as well as feed grains for his small herd of beef cattle. Alfalfa, rye and wheat also provide tillage, green manure and beneficial crop rotations.


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