We are committed to having the lowest food waste in Canada, from selling imperfect produce to donating to local charities, we do our best to make sure your food dollars fight food waste.

Imperfect produce


Our most purposeful produce is perfectly imperfect. Buying produce that may look less perfect than most, and would otherwise be tossed into the compost, you are supporting your planet. Fighting food waste and making room in your wallet, visit our imperfect produce to show some love for the planet with these rescued recipes.

Online shopping carts mean less waste

With our technology, we can see when customers add products to their cart, sometimes weeks ahead of time.
This allows us to buy only what we need, producing less food waste than any supermarket in Canada.

Prioritizing local vendors means we order less


When your raspberry farmer lives around the corner, you don’t need to order for more than a few days at a time. This is part of our process to eliminate waste and it works, with local vendors we only order what we need.

Our warehouse fights waste in so many ways!


Because we only order what we need, we proudly turnover 80% of our inventory in less than 48 hours. With no need for bountiful produce displays (that’s right, they are just there for your eyes, not for your stomach) and fewer hands touching your food, as well as a temperature that is for food rather than customer comfort, our warehouse operations are optimized for the least food waste possible.

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Fighting food waste together with Our Charity Partners

Throughout the year, we partner with Food Stash Foundation, the Calgary Zoo, and Pigtopia Pig Sanctuary. We share values with these charities and their mission to fight food waste and food insecurity. Through our collaboration, we have become even leaner and meaner on food waste in every corner of our warehouse. Our team is constantly finding new ways to make sure that anything we can’t sell to our customers finds a home!

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