Good News, Edmonton Dumpling Lovers!

The people behind one of Spud Edmonton’s best-loved local vendors, Honest Dumplings, have returned from a well-deserved maternity leave, and once again we have a variety of their delicious products available on the site.  If you haven’t tried them yet, here is a little history.


Looking to inject a little Chinese influence into the progressive Edmonton food scene, husband and wife team Chris Lerohl and Ray Ma founded Honest Dumplings in March 2014.


Ma grew up in Shanghai and moved to Edmonton to complete a master’s degree in law in 2007.  In Canada, Ma felt freed from the strict Chinese society in which she was raised. She realized she did not have to continue with law school, which she disliked. Instead, she was free to follow her passion – food.


After extensive research at Edmonton’s Chinese restaurants,  Ma discovered no one was making dumplings like those she was used to in China.  They were lower quality, and the ingredients were just not exciting. She started making her own, at first using traditional recipes. Soon she and her husband were brainstorming new inventive flavours, using both traditional Chinese and Canadian flavours.  Honest Dumplings made their farmers market debut in May 2014 and have been growing ever since.


As their name implies, the company’s key principle is honesty.  For them, this means offering only healthy and natural ingredients and promoting local and sustainable foods in a transparent way.  Their dough is  naturally coloured and flavoured with vegetable juices and spices, and all the dumplings are still made by hand, producing dumplings that are both delicious and aesthetically pleasing. This, along with their unique fusion of Chinese and local elements, is what makes Honest Dumplings a Spud favourite with vegans and carnivores alike.


The Honest Dumplings team believes every bite matters, and you will too once you try their dumplings!





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