Dinner Television’s sneak peek into what daily operations at Spud look like, and a few home deliveries!

Last night our Edmonton branch teamed up with Dinner Television to film a sneak peek into the Spud warehouse, learn how our packing system works, and deliver some groceries to a few of our awesome Spud customers. Claire Hanna gets the low down from our director and manager, Corbin Bourree, on how Spud works from start to finish to deliver your local organic groceries to your doorstep.

In addition to showing how the Spud warehouse works and what it looks like, Dinner Television also toured our new Reclaim Urban Farm. This mini farm is located INSIDE our warehouse. In our vertical garden we harvest salad greens, arugula, spinach, wheat-grass, and micro-greens to deliver directly to our customers— an urban take on farm to table!

Here are the six clips of Claire Hanna touring around our warehouse, our urban farm, and out for deliveries with one of our superb drivers, Dave.

Live at Reclaim Urban Farm 1

Live at Reclaim Urban Farm 2

Live at Reclaim Urban Farm 3

Live at Reclaim Urban Farm 4

Live at Reclaim Urban Farm 5

Live at Reclaim Urban Farm 6

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