Our Commitment to Serving our Community.

As we continue to face the challenges of COVID-19, through these colder days, we want to ensure you that the safety and support of our customers, teammates and communities remain at the forefront of all our operations. 

As an essential service we have remained open and we have been working around the clock to serve our communities. In our history, we had never seen so many customers visit our site and look for our service and while we faced challenges early on during this pandemic, to meet these demands, we continued to work hard with all our departments to keep our shelves stocked and your cupboards full.  

We continue to do everything within our power to keep people healthy across our business.

Steps we took back in March are still in place to minimize contact: 

  • All team members are working remotely that do not need to be in the offices  
  • Any team members who feel ill are requested to stay home 
  • All team members require a temperature check upon arriving at the facility 
  • All team members are required to wear a mask and practice social distancing at all times 
  • We have stopped all visits to our facility  
  • Our facilities are always clean, but we have increased the cleaning and sanitization 

Read more about our safety practices here

We believe the key to defeating this challenge is to act with Transparency and Trust and understand the Facts Not the Fears.

This is a difficult situation, and we are committed to doing everything we can to support our community at this time.

We will get through this together and we truly appreciate the support, understanding and patience during this state of emergency.

Please be safe and wash your hands. 

Love, Spud Community Care


If you require a refund we ask that you please request a refund through our Online Refund Tool. 

If it is your first order or first order in 3 months or more, your refund tool and invoice will become available the day following delivery.

Need help requesting a refund?

Watch one of our helpful videos.

Online Refund Tool

New Orders

At this time we are operating above capacity.

To check for the first available delivery day in your area, sign in or create an account before browsing – if there is no availability on the calendar, we are unable to accept new orders.

Each morning, a new day becomes available for orders. Please continue to check our website to monitor delivery days as they become available.


Bins and Packing Materials

As the pandemic has continued through the year, we have had to add increased safety measures throughout our entire operations. Like all of us, we have been continually adapting to this new paradigm. We have taken these safety measures and made them a permanent part of our business. To adapt to these adjustments and set a new standard for our customers and team members’ safety, we have taken the initiative to introduce a delivery fee. Find out more about our delivery fees here (link to Delivery FAQs)  

We have been working hard to bring our reusable bins back and while some of our orders are still being delivered in cardboard boxes, we are delighted to be able to serve our subscribe & save customers and Spud membership customers with our reusable bins.  For those of you who are still receiving your deliveries in cardboard boxes please note we can’t take these back, as we are unable to ensure sanitization upon their return, so, we ask you to recycle them.  

That said, we do want the packing material back. Our drivers will collect any freezer bags, gel packs and ice bags that have been left out, in doing this we can reduce the amount of packing going into the waste stream.  Once we have these items back in our warehouses, we will be able to sanitize them ready for reuse.  To ensure the safety of our drivers please leave reusable packing materials out for 3 days before your next delivery. 

Our warehouses remain closed to public access and as a result, bin returns and pick-up orders are still not accepted at the warehouse. If you have bins and packing materials that need to be returned to Spud.ca we ask you to visit our website to schedule a bin pick up. 

We will pick up the bin when we drop off your next order, or we can arrange for a driver to come by the next time we are in your neighbourhood.  

Reusable bins and packing materials may be returned to all of our Blush Lane locations.


How to Receive a Contactless Spud Delivery During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Place bins and packing materials outside your door for pickup

Place any reusable bins you have, freezer bags and gel pack outside your door. If you received a cardboard box, please recycle it. Please leave materials out for 3 days before your next delivery. This will help ensure our drivers safety as the coronavirus can live on surfaces for several days.

Get your order delivered straight to your door

Your driver will drop off your new order & collect the packing materials.

Keep your driver safe

To keep our drivers safe, please do not greet them at the door. Friendly waves from a distance are, however, appreciated.

We sanitize the packing materials

We will wash your returned, reusable packing to make it ready to be used again!

We know you have some questions

We have a capacity limit on orders each day and once our trucks are full, we are unable to accept orders for that day.  

Each morning, a new day becomes available. Please continue to check our website to monitor delivery days as they become available. 

The best way to ensure you have a delivery spot each week is to set up a subscribe & save subscription. Not only will you save 5% on most of your grocery items, subscriptions ensure your delivery spot each week.  

We have closed our warehouses for pick up at this time to ensure the safety of our warehouse teams. Existing pick-ups at our Blush Lane locations are still being fulfilled.

Every Sunday, a new week becomes available

Our system cannot hold or confirm any order under $30 as it is below the minimum required amount for delivery. To keep your spot for delivery, please ensure you have $30 or more of food in your cart when you confirm your order. You can make changes and edits up to 8pm the day before your delivery. 

We recommend confirming your order each time you add new items to your cart. 

All deliveries are now subject to a Delivery Fee. Find out more about our delivery fees here

Yes. Removing all items from your cart signals to our system that you have no order and it will cancel your spot. If we are operating at capacity, it will not be possible for you to get that spot back. Please ensure you have $30 or more in your cart so that our system recognizes your cart as an order. 

Spud doesn’t operate like other grocery stores. Instead of holding a huge inventory of products, we rely on frequent deliveries from our vendors to fill orders. When a product is available for you to order that means we expect that we will be able to get it for you. When something is missing from your order, it is not that we have run out of that item or have given it to someone else; it is simply that the product we ordered did not arrive. 

We run our business in this model because under normal circumstances it is more sustainable and reduces food waste as key to our values. We (and our suppliers) have been working hard to adapt to the current circumstances. This involves increasing our orders, ordering further in advance, and securing extra warehouse space to store the higher volume of product that is now needed to fill orders.  hard to adapt to the current circumstances. This involves increasing our orders, ordering further in advance, and securing extra warehouse space to store the higher volume of product that is now needed to fill orders.  

Changes to existing orders can be made up until 8pm the day before your delivery.

To help our teams best fill your order, we are recommending you make and confirm your changes as early as possible to ensure product availability.

Unfortunately we are unable to make changes to orders past the 8pm deadline.

Our teams are working around the clock to fulfill the orders that are coming to our warehouses daily. Each day we are faced with various challenges that can impact how many orders we are able to get out on a given day. As we’ve never faced a pandemic and demand to this scale, there are times we are unable to get all the orders out that day.  

Please ensure you are able to receive Spud e-mails through communication settings to get the most up-to-date information about any changes.

Moves are based on delivery area and are done in an effort to accommodate the maximum number of people with the resources we have.

Our goal is not to have to move anyone’s order. We are doing our very best and working as hard as we can to make this happen.

The best way to see your ETA for delivery is to log into your account on your delivery day to view a 2 hour ETA window for when your order will arrive. For the most updates possible, please ensure in your account settings that you are able to receive text and email notifications from our team for updates. 

If you are a new customer or if you are returning to Spud after 90 days or more, we will use your primary or back-up credit card to obtain a pre-authorization for your order to ensure successful payment upon delivery. This may appear on your credit card statement as two charges; however, one of these is the pre-authorization, which is typically done one business day before delivery.  

This is just a hold on funds and released immediately from Spud once your order has been delivered and the charge has gone through. This is then transferred to your financial institution to be returned to your account.  

If you are a regular Spud customer (you have received an order in the past month) and still have questions about billing please submit your concern via email.   

Our purchasing and receiving teams are hard at work to bring in the items our customers need.  

Due to this crisis though, there are some products that we are having significant difficulty sourcing in the quantities needed. 

If your order arrives with missing items, we are generally not able to immediately redeliver those items to you. That said, we do encourage you to reach out to our Community Care Team to discuss your order. We want to hear from you and we just might be able to work with you to accommodate your needs. 

Please give our system a day to catch up before you request a refund on any missing items. If after a day you have not received an email or seen those items refunded, please request a refund using our Online Refund Tool. If it is your first order or first order in 3 months or more, your refund tool and invoice will become available the day following delivery. 

Yes, you can place a standing order after the currently available date and as we get busier, the best way to ensure your delivery spot is to become a Subscribe and Save customer.   

Subscribe and Save is a flexible way to schedule the groceries you want to receive on a recurring basis. With flexible schedules of deliveries, you can make sure you only get what you need when you need it. Find out more on Subscribe and Save here (link to S&S FAQs) 

Become a Spud member today. There are many perks to becoming a Spud member, one of them being the benefit of a guaranteed delivery day, no matter how busy we get. Members are subscribed into our Subscribe and Save program and are also eligible for free delivery on orders over $30. Find out how to become a member today here (insert membership page link) 

To better serve our community, we are partnered with courier services to help deliver as many orders as possible. For the most part, these partners are able to collect empty bins but in some rare instances they aren’t able.  

Bin pickups are for reusable plastic bins only. Please recycle your cardboard boxes as we are unable to ensure sanitization upon their return.

We will pick up the reusable bin when we drop off your next order, or you can sign in to request a bin pickup. 

Please ensure all reusable bins and packing materials (freezer bags and gel packs) are outside your door upon your next delivery. 

As an essential service during this crisis, the increase in demand for online groceries has led us to look for more ways to serve our community. 

We decided to start using cardboard boxes so that we could get more orders out to as many people as possible. Unlike the deposit we charge for our reusable plastic bins, we don’t charge a deposit for cardboard boxes.  

That said, we can’t accept the cardboard boxes back as we are unable to ensure sanitization upon their return. Please reuse them if you can or recycle them! boxes back as we are unable to ensure sanitization upon their return. Please reuse them if you can or recycle them! 

Meanwhile, packaging materials such as foil bags, crates or ice packs may be returned to our retail locations or left out for pick up at the time of your next delivery. 

You can sign up on the homepage of our website, visit our signup page directly or contact community care for assistance in creating an account.  

Payment verification may be required for large first orders. Please submit the requested documents as soon as you are able to ensure we can deliver your order.

Each refund request must be reviewed for application to your account. You will receive an email confirming your refund when it is processed. 

What measures are being enforced to reduce risk of COVID transmission? 

We are increasing safety and sanitization efforts in all our warehouses – read this for more details  

Click here for our return to work policy 

If you are interested in working with Spud please contact careers@spud.ca. 

We are currently low on packaging supplies. Any capability to bring your bin, foil bags or ice packs to one of our retail locations will be greatly appreciated. 

Blush Lane locations (to be linked here) 

We really appreciate all the support we have received from everyone as we work to serve you the best we can. 

Thank you all for being so patient during these urgent and extraordinary times. 

Please note that customers are now required to wear masks in all of our retails location to keep everyone safe. Remember also to wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds!  

Spud Community Care 

View all FAQs

We are updating our FAQ’s daily in our Instagram stories and highlights. Follow us @spudalberta to see our stories and links to learn more.

For general inquiries not covered in the information provided please reach out to us by e-mail and we will be in touch when we are able.

For truly urgent matters, reach out to our team by phone – please be prepared to stand by for some time as we work through the significant volume of calls in the order received.


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