6 Plants To Start In Mid-August For A Fall Harvest 

Just because summer is coming to an end, and the days are starting to get shorter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your garden a little bit longer.  


Arugula loves cool soil and cold weather. Keep an eye on the weather, and plant the arugula seeds once nighttime temperatures are dipping down to 15°C (60°F) or lower. Don’t plant all the seeds at once, though, plant every two weeks until around the third week in September for a longer harvest1  


Carrots will take advantage of all the sunny weather that is left. But remember to keep the soil nice and moist on the hot days. The top layer of soil will evaporate very quickly so try to leave a tarp or some wood to keep the soil from drying out.  


The ultimate winter plant. If you are not sick of all the kale you already have growing, plant some more kale to get you through the winter months. It will most likely survive the winter.  


Lettuce can still be planted and grown to full maturity before frost comes.  


Radishes want cool soil. They mature incredibly fast from fall plantings, so do short rows every couple of weeks. 


Try planting some spinach rows during the third week in August. These will produce a fall harvest, but don’t pull the plants up. Harvest as needed into quite frosty weather, but leave the roots intact and next spring, you’ll get a harvest of spinach earlier in the season than you might expect.  


Are you planting a fall garden and what fall produce are you looking more forward to?  

mid fall harvest

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