More snacks. Less sick days.

Get healthy snacks and organic fruit delivered right to your desk (well, almost).

About the Office Program

SPUD’s Office Program delivers seasonal organic fruit, healthy snacks, and gluten-free baked goods directly to your office. With deliveries available Monday-Friday, SPUD makes it easy to bring wellness and healthy food into any lunchroom.

Want to boost morale, improve wellness, and increase productivity?

Get better snacks! Recent studies show that the healthier your employees are, sick days go down and productivity goes up. Because we bring it right to your door, it’s super convenient for your employees to make great eating choices.

Top 5 reasons to provide your employees with a healthier snack option in the workplace:

  1. Increase productivity and reduce sick days A recent study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine* has found that as body mass index (BMI) increases, productivity decreases while the number of days off per year increases. Giving staff healthy snack alternatives can help combat growing health concerns and reduce sick days.
  2. Promote wellness in the workplace Setting a healthier lifestyle doesn’t need to start outside of work. Providing your staff with fresh produce and healthy snacks during breaks and lunch is a great way to show employees you care.
  3. 100% satisfaction guarantee Every delivery has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If something isn’t what you expected, it’s on us.
  4. Delivered right to your lunchroom In today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s hard to beat the convenience of having local organic fruit and healthy snacks delivered right to your office. Have multiple lunchrooms? No problem. Your friendly SPUD driver will bring a box to each lunchroom in your company.
  5. Employee discount for home deliveries Employees whose offices receive SPUD business deliveries are eligible to receive a discount on their personal deliveries at home.

*The Costs of Obesity in the Workplace; Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Volume 52(10), October 2010, pp 971-976

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