Summer Produce Boxes Program has closed this year. See you next summer!

What is in the boxes each week?

The Loving Summer Produce Box – Large contains at least 15 in-season fruits and veggies, while the Loving Summer Produce Box – Small contains at least 10 in-season fruits and veggies.

Can I order the boxes without subscribing?

Yes! You just won’t get the discount you would if you subscribed. 

How is it different from a Subscribe and Save order?

Instead of a Subscribe and Save order that you can set up and manage week-to-week indefinitely, this is a subscription for 10-14 weeks (dependant on when you sign up). You are not able to manage it with your standing orders. Additionally, the discount you get for the Loving Summer Produce Box subscription is greater than the Subscribe and Save order discount.

How is this different from a Fresh Harvest Box?

With a Fresh Harvest Box you get to set your preferences for the types of produce you want and you are able to edit the box at checkoutWith the Summer Produce Boxes, the contents are selected by our produce team based on the best local, seasonal items available that week. You are unable to edit the box contents (and you won’t know exactly what you’re getting until it arrives). No substitutions or customization is available with the summer produce boxes. You’ll see on the website we have included a snapshot of the types of produce you can expect throughout the summer, but actual fruits/veggies received may differ.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can! If you want to cancel your subscription, please contact customer care. Please note that by cancelling your subscription you agree that Spud is authorized to charge your credit card account the sum of $75, or the cost of one Summer Produce Box.

Where is the produce sourced from?

Produce in these boxes is sourced from local farms in Alberta and British Columbia 

Is all the produce organic?

While we primarily offer certified organic produce, on occasion we sell produce from local farms that is not certified organic. The cost of becoming certified is prohibitive for many smaller growers, so instead of fixating on a certification, our produce team takes the time to ensure each farm’s growing practices are in line with our values. Not all the produce in these boxes is certified organic, but it is all grown as sustainably as possible, whether that means biodynamic, spray-free, or using integrated pest management.

Can I make substitutions?

Substitutions or customization is not available with the summer produce boxes. The contents are selected by our produce team based on the best local, seasonal items available that week. Selection is always changing which is why we are unable to provide substitutions. 

Can I pause for a week?

Yes, you can pause your subscription.

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