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How to Spread Some Love:

Create something special on the front of the blank postcard you receive in your Spud bin to touch someone’s heart.

Take a photo of your artwork and share it with to be featured on our gallery wall and social channels

Include a note and stamp on the back, then mail it to someone you appreciate to help spread the love!



Trevelyan family

Little Artists, Age 4

Dox Thrasher

Liam, Age 4 & Felix, Age 2

Ryan, Age 11

Little Artist

Anais Kaili, Age 5

Içaday, Age 8

Neve, Age 5

Stefan ,Age 6

Share your postcard artwork with Spud!

Take a photo of your artwork and email it to before you mail it.

Please include artist’s first name, age and location with your submission so that we can share it on our gallery wall and social channels.

You can also download our card template and practice the card making now!

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