Maegan Lukian

Dietary Restrictions? No restrictions, which makes recipe building a delightful free-for-all.
What’s your favourite indulgence? A splash of gin and a couple juniper berries in my chamomile tea.
What are the top five items you look for when you grocery shop?  Fresh herbs, seasonal fruit and vegetables, chia seed bread and smoked meats.
What are some of your staple snacks/meals? My chickpea & avocado salad is definitely a staple in my fridge; it’s my go-to meal in a pinch.
Who is in your household that you buy groceries for?  Myself and my french bulldog Juniper!
What other causes/events do you support? I’m an environmentalist by day and a maker-culture blogger by night.  I also sit on the board of directors for the Recycling Council of Alberta in addition to actively participating on three of the organization’s working committees.
Is there anything else that you think is important for us to know? My blog recently led me to create my own small business and Hand-Meyd product line consisting of handcrafted grooming and spa products; all made and packaged by me in my home.  My Hand-Made products are currently for sale in two Edmonton based salons and I look forward to partnering with more local businesses to promote Edmonton-made goods.
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