Erin Ireland

Erin Ireland is a passionate food reporter for The Peak Radio, The Rush on Shaw, CTV Morning Live, and her website,, which serves to connect Vancouverites with the best food in the city. Two years ago Erin made the switch to a mainly plant-based diet. She’s found it shockingly easy to dine out on a regular basis and enjoy delicious vegetarian options.

To Die For Fine Foods, an artisan baking company specializing in gourmet banana bread and lemon loaf, is the other half of Erin’s career that began four years ago in her home kitchen. Her loaves are now sold at 65 locations in and around Vancouver.

In a past life, she lived in South Carolina and played four years of Division 1 NCAA volleyball while earning a degree in Mass Communication.


Facebook: To Die For Banana Bread

Instagram: @erinireland

Twitter: @erinireland

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