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cabbage recipes

5 Creative Cabbage Recipes

We've all been there - you go to buy cabbage for one recipe (and it is massive), and then it…

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root vegetable recipes

15 Unique Root Vegetable Recipes

Root Vegetables Produce in Canadian winters can be slim picking. If you are looking for new and exciting recipes to…

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budget friendly healthy recipes

Our Team’s Favourite Healthy Recipes

Looking for healthy recipes to kickstart January? Our team shares their favourite healthy and budget friendly recipes. Breakfast - Steph's…

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Squamish Kefir

3 Reasons to Add Fermented Foods to your Diet with Squamish Water Kefir Co.

Benefits of Fermented Foods Rich in Probiotics: Your gut and brain love fermented foods. They are super rich in probiotics adding…

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sober January with opus

5 Benefits of Sober January with Christos from OPUS

Have you ever been sober curious? Or thought about switching your cocktails to mocktails? Christos Kalaitzis, an award-winning mixologist and…

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healthy snacks fruit and vegetables

5 Omnivore-Approved Plant-Based Recipes

Looking to eat more plant-based this year? One of the hardest parts can be finding recipes that you actually enjoy,…

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