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garlic scapes

Garlic Scape Butter

What are garlic scapes? Garlic scapes are the long, curly shoots that emerge from the tops of garlic plants. They…

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Food Waste Partners

With a mission to positively impact our world one bite at a time, exploring ways to make our food system…

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spring recipes

Summer Meal Prep

It's beginning to feel a lot like summer! Life can get busy, so we wanted to take the guesswork out…

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summer snacks

Summer Staff Picks

Summer is in the air! Whether you are trying to summit your local mountain or just catch the sunset with…

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herb butter

Honey Thyme Butter

Make a gourmet appetizer with just a few simple ingredients. A great way to use up any leftover fresh thyme,…

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3 Delicious Ways To Cook Rhubarb

5 Unique Rhubarb Recipes – Other than a Pie

Spring is here, which means it's rhubarb season! Usually, when you buy rhubarb you are either left with it in…

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