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spud international womens day

Meet the Women of Spud

At Spud we are proud that our workforce is 52% women and people female assigned at birth, with employees from…

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healthy soda is it worth it

Healthy Sodas – Are they worth it?

What makes a healthy soda? Natural sodas at Spud are made with little to no added sugar, preventing blood sugar…

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tart cherry juice mocktail

Sleepy Time Mocktail

We can't stop making this sleepy-time mocktail. Whether you are participating in Dry January, your New Year's resolution is to…

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croissant dough recipes

5 Creative Ways to Ugrade Frozen Croissant Dough

Raspberry Chocolate Croissants Unravel your croissant dough and add in chocolate chips and fresh raspberries before baking for a gooey…

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add nutrition to kids meals

5 Surprising and Easy Hacks to Add Nutrition to Your Kids’ Meals

As a parent, making sure that your kids receive the proper nutrients (and enough of them!) from the foods that…

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Supplement Recommendations for Immune Support

During this time of year, we are all trying to stay healthy. We asked our resident holistic nutritionist Sisley Killam…

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