From environmentally-friendly delivery to supporting local,
we keep our impact low and close to home.

Carpooling your groceries – the most sustainable choice


Carpooling has always been fun, and good for the planet. Did you know we carpool your groceries, planning out the most efficient routes to keep carbon emissions as low as possible? This reduces the distance your food travels even more. With research showing us that over half the carbon is prevented through sustainable grocery deliveries, we are proud to be keeping thousands of cars off the roads every day. And you should be proud too!

Prioritizing local vendors means less travel


Closer proximity to our food simply means our food travels less. Less carbon, less damage, less waste.
Whether it’s produce, meat, seafood, or snacks, our team is always seeking out local vendors so we can reduce the distance your food travels. You can find the average distance your current order travelled to reach our warehouse on your order invoice!

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