What is imperfect produce?

Imperfect produce are the misshapen, scarred or slightly bruised fruits and veggies that are thrown away by farmers and grocery stores because they are not deemed as perfect for sale.

Why buy imperfect?

It’s just as tasty and healthy and it’s cheaper for you to buy.

Slightly bruised bananas are still great in a smoothie or banana bread. Carrots that don’t look ‘perfect’ can still be grated, chopped or pureed.

Does imperfect mean the produce is going bad?

Absolutely not. We don’t want to sell you produce that is about to expire, we want to give you options so that you can buy the produce that might have a little bruise or scar or be a funny shape.

We won’t sell anything we wouldn’t eat.  If you’re unhappy, our 100% satisfaction guarantee always stands and we will replace or refund your products.

Find tasty fruit and veggies, slightly imperfect, at perfect prices in our produce section.

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