Optimizing your images for online presentation at Spud.ca

To present your images in the best possible light, please remember these specifications when sending your image files to Spud:

  1. Provide all images in any of the following formats: JPG, PNG, TIF, PDF or if neccesary GIF
  2. Ensure that all your images are larger than 1000 pixels wide and no larger than 3,000 pixels in width. This translates to images that typically are less than 5M each
  3. Images can be provided on a solid white background, or with a scene as shown below
  4. Where possible provide multiple images for each product showing:
    1. The front of the product
    2. The product outside of the packaging
    3. the back of the product
    4. closeup of any important instructions, features, ingredients, etc.

Sample images

The following images are examples of what would be required to properly represent your products online

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