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What is SPUD’s Festive Feast? 

Our Festive Feast selection includes a delicious mix of foods that will help you create a holiday meal to remember. Whether you are looking to serve a tasty turkey, a juicy rib-eye roast or a mouthwatering meatless protein, with our amazing array of delicious sides we can assure you that this holiday meal will go down as one of your favourites. From appetizers to desserts, wine to gifts SPUD is here to deliver convenience and great food this holiday season.  

What is the price for the Festive Feast? 


  • Winters Certified Organic Turkey 7-8.5kg – $15.90/kg ($1.59/100g) 
  • Winters Free Range Turkey 8-10kg – $10.90/kg ($1.09/100g) 
  • Top Grass, Grass Fed Rib Eye Roast 908g – $64.99 
  • Be Fresh, Wheat Free Vegan Roast 1100g – $39.99 


  • Skye High Farms Fresh Turkey 5-7 kg $11.90/kg  
  • Skye High Farms Fresh Turkey 7-9kg $11.90/kg  
  • Top Grass, Grass Fed Rib Eye Roast 908g – $64.99 
  • Be Fresh, Wheat Free Vegan Roast 1100g – $39.99 


Sides are individually priced at $22.99 each with the Demi-glace at $9.99. 

Save 10% on your sides when you buy 4

Save 15% on your sides when you buy all 6

The final price will be charged after your Thanksgiving Feast is delivered. 

Add extras to make it a true celebration at your discretion. 

When will my Festive Feast be delivered? 

Your Full Feast will be delivered between December, 22nd – December 24th.

You will be notified as to the specific date when you choose your turkey, rib-eye roast or plant-based main 

Can I cancel or make changes to my order?

Yes, you can edit your order, and add or remove items from your cart up to December 15th.

Does the Festive Feast come fully cooked? 

No. We will provide you with specific instructions to ensure your selection is cooked perfectly. We recommend you put your side dish containers on a baking sheet in the oven, rather than directly on oven racks.   

How many servings are in the side dishes? 

Depending on the number of proteins added and the number of sides you order our Full Feast will feed between 4-6 adults.  

Can I add more side dishes to my order? 

Yes, sides can be ordered individually or in bundles of 4 or 6. You will be charged the regular price for all sides bought outside of our bundle offer.   

Can I just order the sides or just the proteins?

Yes, you can. You can order the main and sides individually or bundled together as our Festive Feast.  

Do I need to season the proteins before cooking? 

We suggest using a small amount of olive oil with a sprinkle of salt and pepper at the minimum. There’s lots of great suggestions out there on the web to spice it up. 

Do I need to season the sides? 

No, the sides are pre-seasoned.

Are the meat selections and the sides gluten free? 

The turkey and rib-eye are gluten free but are prepared in a facility where gluten is present. Some of our sides contain no added gluten or dairy but are also prepared in a facility where gluten and dairy are present. 

Do you have a vegetarian dinner option? 

 Yes, we do! Our Be Fresh Vegan Roast is wheat free and plant-based, in addition some of the Festive Feast sides are vegetarian, we also offer a wide range of vegetarian dishes online.  

What about dessert? 

A dessert is not included, but we have a wide variety of fresh pies, cakes and dessert options for you to choose from.  

How do I cook the meat selections and sides? 

A complete set of cooking instructions will be included with your full feast.  

Can I freeze the items if I don’t use them right away? 

All side dishes can be frozen. 


All produced in a facility where these common allergens are present: peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, milk, eggs, seafood/fish, soy, wheat/gluten, sulphites and mustard. 

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