Paul McGreevy
Be Fresh Executive Chef
Paul brings 20 years of professional experience working in Michelin-starred restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and hotels to oversee our Be Fresh prepared foods.
Why We Love Paul
  1. He has a lifelong passion for food – he vividly remembers harvesting vegetables from his family garden as child, and his enthusiasm for fresh local products has only grown with time.
  2. He loves local as much as we do – Paul is dedicated to supporting local farmers and suppliers, and loves creating dishes based on seasonality and sustainability.
  3. He puts in  the effort to make the best food possible- It can take a bit more work to research and  create locally raised, natural, and organic meals, but the end result is a better quality and better-for-you meal.

Salmon teriyaki dinner for four 

“Balanced with nutrition but packed with flavor! A great meal for the busy active family that needs fuel.”

Detox Quinoa Salad 

Some salads can be boring and usually don’t fill you up, but this is not one of those salads! Loads of plant-based protein and a delicious zesty dressing”

Envious Ed dip 

Such a flavorful and versatile dip! I love using this as a spread for sandwiches and wraps”

Paul's Non-negotiables For Running a Kitchen

We Do Not Settle

If the standards in our recipes are not met, then it is not  good enough and will not do.


Respect the Planet

We respect the potential of  our people, planet, products  and customers.



Feedback and the way in which we handle it is crucial to our success and the satisfaction  of our customers.

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