Week 10: Souper Ideas.

Souper Cook n’ Share Ideas -something magical happens when we share food and have leftovers to give away and keep for the week.

About Sherry Strong

Sherry is a Food Philosopher and the author & illustrator of Return to Food – the life-changing anti-diet. Her career started as a Chef and Holistic Nutritionist leading to becoming the Victorian Chair of Nutrition Australia, Melbourne President of Slow Food, Curator & Co-Founder of the World Wellness Project, and a TEDxTokyo 2009 speaker. She was a highly commended faculty member of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Vancouver Campus and her 2014 presentation Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni Association Conference in Toronto commanded a standing ovation. She is the founder of the Return to Food Academy where she trains passionate holistic foodies to become highly sought after Return to Food Coaches that can work from anywhere in the world.

Visit her site at

Sherry Strong Videos

Week 1: Welcome to the About Food Video Series

We are very proud of our About Food collaboration with Sherry Strong. Sherry has extensive knowledge on how to create healthy, quick, and economic meals you will truly enjoy. Eating food has become a complicated, daunting, and excessive. We want to emphasize the simplicity of eating healthy, which in turn reduces your waste, reduces your costs, and reduces your pant size. Stay tuned and check out the twelve part series here!

Week 2: Go Slow and Eat Seasonal, Local, Organic, and Whole.

Sherry Strong shares with us how to easily get all the nutrients you need, in the best way possible.

Week 3: Raw, Cooked & Toasted- Just Eat It.

Have you ever wondered what was better- to eat food raw or cooked? Sherry Strong sheds light on digestion, eating raw, and more importantly, eating in moderation.

Week 4: Limiting Impulse Buying.

Sherry shares her top 3 tips to keep your food buying under control while still enjoying fun foods.

Week 5: Why Organic?

Why Organic – Sherry shares the selfish and unselfish reasons about going organic. Learn ‘what’s good for the body is good for the planet, what is good for the planet is good for the body’ in this segment.

Vegan Brownies Recipe!

You will need a high-powered blender; a food processor will work in a pinch, but the texture will not be as creamy.

1 cup hot water
1⁄2 tsp baking soda
6 dates, pitted
1⁄2 cup coconut palm sugar
1⁄2 cup coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla bean powder
11⁄2 cup ground almonds*
3⁄4 cup cocoa powder
1⁄2 cup chopped walnuts
1⁄4 cup chopped dark chocolate or choc chips

1) Add baking soda to hot water and pour over dates. Cool date mix/paste and blend with coconut palm sugar, coconut oil, vanilla bean powder.

2) Mix cocoa with ground almonds. Fold through cocoa and almonds mix with date paste. Fold in nuts and chocolate.

3) Pour into mini muffin top tins. Bake for 10 minutes or until just cooked through.

Week 7: Make it taste good!

Learn how to harness the SLOW strategy and keeping a well-stocked kitchen with simple ingredients as a way to up your game without having to be a great chef.

Week 8: The Anti-Diet Today.

Anti-Diet Today this video explores the Anti-diet philosophy to encourage you to stop measuring, weighing or restricting and move to a model that promotes nourishment as the best approach to eating sustainably.

Week 9: Mindful Eating.

Mindful Eating – discover how meditation and mindful eating are a wonderful path to enjoying food and cooking more.

 Week 10: We are meant to eat together.

We are meant to eat together – in this segment, discover how the social context in which we eat is as powerful as what we eat. Sherry shares her poem  We Are Meant to Eat Together and a simple challenge to get you started.

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